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Every Week

- Sun 9:30-10:30 am Bible class (Worship service @ 8 or 10:45)

- (School year) Wed CORE groups - 6:30-7:30 pm

- (Summer) Wed WOW activities following Bible class

do lifeJust admit it. You can't do this life all by yourself! None of us can. We depend on our heavenly Father for even the breath we breathe! It's because of Him that your eyes can read these words and your brain can understand them! And he didn't just make our bodies. He designed our spirit in such a way that we long for community with Him and with others. So at our CORE, we were made for relationship.
We like to say that Downtown has 26 youth ministers! Ok, so maybe technically we have two full-time youth ministers and an administrative assistant on staff, but our team is much larger. Research has taught us that it doesn't work to have one youth minister trying to meet the needs of an entire youth group. So we are using a different model.  C.O.R.E. groups are led by 3 or 4 adult leaders and have 20 to 30 guys or girls. (Learn more about CORE groups.) We do a lot as an entire group too, but these CORE groups meet on Wednesday nights and one other time during the week.  They are crucial to going deeper in our spiritual walk.
We could have 200 hundred youth ministers, but it wouldn't change the fact that God's plan is for spiritual formation to take place in the home first and foremost. We are here as a "supplement" to the spiritual food we encourage parents to provide.
The youth group consists of 150-200 students from all the local public and private schools as well as homeschoolers.  But here, we are one family.
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Student safety is extremely important to us.  See our Child Safety policy.

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